Gardening loving residents at Redhill care home having the “thyme” of their lives while raising money for dementia charity

Green fingered residents at a Redhill are cultivating a blossoming garden with the community to raise money for people living with dementia.

Green fingered residents at a Redhill are cultivating a blossoming garden with the community to raise money for people living with dementia.

The keen residents at Acorn Court care home are joining forces with children on work experience from St. Bede’s School to plant a vibrant array of sunflowers, with the proceeds from their sale going towards Dementia First, a local charity providing information and support for people living with dementia and their families.

The garden highlights the commitment of the home to create a fun and fulfilling environment that encourages residents to engage with their passions and actively contribute to the community.

Care Home Manager Noelia Fernandes emphasised the importance of charity, community and resident engagement at the 86-bed home as well as the positive impact it has on residents.

She said: “We are thrilled with our garden so far and it’s only going to blossom more and look more beautiful as the warmer weather continues.

“We are passionate about helping our residents continue to engage with their hobbies as this enriches their lives and allows them to make a difference in their community.

“It was lovely to welcome the children on work experience and seeing how passionate they were about care, sharing their stories with the residents and throwing themselves into the experience.

“We are like one big family here at Acorn Court and seeing the residents, children, and our team working together and having so much fun was wonderful and shows everything that we are about as a home.”

Many of the residents have fond memories of gardening throughout their lives and have been energised by the garden and being able to get their green-fingers dirty..

“Gardening has always been my sanctuary, a place where I can find peace and nurture life. I’m thrilled to be back outside in the garden. It brings me so much joy knowing that our sunflowers will brighten our lives and contribute to a worthy cause,” said Hilary Cushing.

Elizabeth Dyer said: “Gardening has been a lifelong passion for me. It gives me a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

“This garden is helping me to connect with everyone at the home and nature. I’m excited to share my knowledge with the young people while working together to create something to enjoy.

Cynthia Woodford added: “Continuing my hobby here at Acorn Court, alongside the children on work experience and the team from the home is really special.

“It’s always been a huge love of mine and spending time out in the garden with the young people has been such a wonderful experience.”

The garden will serve as a hub of growth, beauty, and shared enjoyment while continuing to nurture the residents’ passions.

The sunflowers, will be available for purchase, with all proceeds benefiting the home’s chosen charity for the year.

The young people on work experience also shared their excitement about working in the care home and gardens alongside the residents


Work experience participant Eloise said: Being a part of the care home community and working alongside the residents in the gardens has been a truly rewarding experience.


“It’s heartwarming to witness the joy and passion the residents have for gardening. I’ve learned so much from them, and it’s an amazing thing for me to be a part of.”

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